Cancan Dancers, Saloon Girls, & Western Entertainment

Cancan Sample Video

Back in the 1800s saloons were more than just places for prospectors, fur trappers and cowboys to bend an elbow (get a drink); they were social gathering places for wide variety of intriguing characters and provided a wagon load of recreational activities. In addition to moseying up to the bar for a shot of whiskey, saloons of the Old West offered townsfolk a place where they could participate in card games and enjoy singing and can-can dancers, among other, possibly more nefarious activities.

One of the big attractions in these small town saloons were beautiful cancan girls, often referred to as dance hall girls, all gussied up in what was considered fashionable attire back in those days. Serving drinks to customers was just a small part of a saloon girl’s job; they also provided eye candy for the cowboys as well as entertained visitors with singing and dancing. These were wild west dance halls that provided townsfolk with with much needed refreshment and entertainment.

Lovely Ladies Provide High-Stepping Dance Fun

Our ladies of the old west are professional actresses who add character and charm to western events. These attractive gals will meet, greet and mingle with the guests as well as serve drinks, creating an atmosphere that adds realism and excitement to western-themed corporate, public, and private events.

In addition to meet and greet services, our can-can dancers provide high-kicking cancan dancing that’ll have everyone’s attention. With a rare combination of beauty, personality and dance talent, our girls provide some of the best entertainment for western and cowboy-themed events this side of the Rio Grande. All of these lovely young ladies come fully decked out in authentic western costumes that include frilly corset skirts, garters, black stockings, and chokers, adding a dash of pizzazz and flair to any event.

Inviting a foursome of our beautiful can can dancers to the party is a great way to get guests involved and excited in a big way. And when our stunning girls dance the can-can you can rest assured they’ll dazzle the crowd like nobody’s business. The only thing that could possibly top the show these girls deliver is by adding a couple of athletic bartender dancers to the mix, giving them a wider variety of dance options to choose from.

Bringing the magic of an old-time western saloon to your event is a great way to keep guests thoroughly entertained. If you’re expecting to have a bang-up time at your hoe down, you’ll need to quit beatin’ the devil around the stump and hire our western dancing professionals today. If you don’t get a wiggle on, your event is sure to be a goner.

More Entertainment Options for Western-Style Events

We also have a heap of other entertainment options for western and cowboy events. When it comes to cowboy greeters, quick-draw gunslingers, or cowboy singers you won’t find anything better than our hired guns from the Old West. Other excellent options for western and country-themed parties are our exclusive country line dancers and instructors and our cowboy-throwin’ mechanical bull. No matter what type of western, cowboy, or country lollapalooza you’re putting together, we’ve got entertainment that’s as fine as creamy gravy.