Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian

Eric Luna & Georgia Ambarian – So You Think You Can Dance

World Champion Dancers

Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian are five-time world champion cabaret dancers that provide a combination of rarely-seen power and grace. You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout Eric and Georgia’s entire performance as they execute some of the most amazing dance moves imaginable. Their routines are spectacular, elegant, powerful, and set a standard of excellence that other dancers can only dream of matching.

Eric & Georgia Featured on Dancing with the Stars

Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian are without question the world’s best cabaret dancers of all time. These dancing stars are five-time World Cabaret Champions, five-time United States National Cabaret Champions, Ten-time Fred Astaire National Theater Arts Champions, Ohio Star Ballroom Dance Champions, Heritage Classic Champions, two-time Milly Nyman “Challenge of the Continent” Champions, five-time United States representatives to the Blackpool Invitational, and have been featured dancers on Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and Superstars of Dance.

Photo Slide Show of Eric and Georgia

Eric and Georgia are expert ballroom dancers with a specialty in cabaret dancing, a theatrical style that involves powerful lifts and beautiful aerial movements. And nobody does it better, as evidenced by their five cabaret dance championships in both the U.S. and World Championship Competitions.

Breathtaking Cabaret Dance Routines

Eric and Georgia have no equals when it comes to world-class cabaret dancing. They were both successful dancers before becoming permanent dance partners, but once they became a team there was no stopping them. Within two months of forming their partnership they won the Fred Astaire National Championship, and have been piling up U.S. and World Championships ever since.

You’ll find yourself trying to catch your breath as Eric hoists Georgia into the air with amazing strength, and then feel your heart skip a beat as he twirls her around on his head. The power and agility of these dancing stars is a sight to behold and consistently has audiences on their feet with monstrous applause. It doesn’t matter who else is on the program, it’s Eric and Georgia that people will continue talking about long after the event is over. These world champion dancers are available for shows that present anywhere from two to five theatrical dance numbers.