SoundUP: High Energy Live Party Band

Incredible Live Dance Music

With exceptional musicianship, vocals, and showmanship, combined with high octane energy, SoundUP is an explosive new party band that knows how to create exciting events that crowds absolutely love. They’re young, energetic, and incredibly gifted. When you hire this talented dance band for a wedding reception, corporate party, or private celebration, your guests will be complimenting you all night long for your great choice in entertainment.

This fun, energetic group plays everyone’s favorite dance tunes – from the golden oldies to today’s chart-topping hits. Each band member was hand-selected for their impressive musical skills, stage presence, and personality. This is not your average party band or wedding band – they’re a music machine that pumps out high voltage hits from start to finish – captivating audiences and keeping dance floors packed at every performance.

SoundUP’s commitment to exceed client and crowd expectations, by delivering unforgettable shows, is what sets them apart from ordinary bands. Treat your guests to some powerhouse entertainment and let the dancing begin.