Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband

Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband Promo Video

Creative Newgrass with a Touch of Bluegrass, Hip Hop and Funk

Clients are going gaga for Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, a group of explosive and undeniably-talented musicians performing a new version of bluegrass: Newgrass with a touch of hip hop and funk. This fun, five-man band provides a fresh sound that has built them a loyal following throughout the country.

After signing with Capitol Records they immediately hit the big time with “Dream Big,” which was chosen as the theme song for NBC’s “Three Wishes,” a prime-time NBC TV series hosted by Amy Grant. Their fan base is exploding as they tour the country, performing hits from their three hot albums to excited audiences.

Ryan and his band have created a sound that’s fresh, unlike any other, with a bluegrass influence that features an influx of other styles including rock, rap, funk, and whatever else suits their fancy. Their creative arrangements and high-energy shows appeal to audiences of all ages, and are particularly resonating with the college-age crowd. Exceptional musicianship, explosive shows, audience-interactive singalongs, clever lyrics, and humor provide a rollercoaster musical experience that always goes over big with crowds. Pure and simple, their show is a winner!