Emerald Electric Strings

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To put it mildly, Emerald Electric Strings is pure “WOW!” Blending the complex sounds of classical music with the bright pop tunes made famous by the likes of Michael Jackson, Led Zepplin, Macklemore, and others, in cutting-edge, original arrangements, has audiences across the nation clamoring for more. If you’re ready to turn your guests on to something fresh, trendy, classy, and wow, it’s time you brought in Emerald Electric Strings as the entertainment for your next event.

Five Star ReviewQuite honestly, I loved them from the first time I saw their video on YouTube but wasn’t sure they would have the appeal to such a diverse group especially as placed in the informal part of the evening. But the fact is that they were absolutely the highlight of the night. I had more positive feedback and inquiries on them and their upbeat popular rock/everything mashups than I would have ever imagined. The most often asked question of the night was where I found out about them and where were they from. The party received them 100% the way I was hoping they would receive them…absolutely fantastic and memorable!!!” – Gary Shiffman, Detroit, MI, Father of the bride

This incredible string ensemble consists of four classically-trained musicians who combine familiar classical music with popular pop tunes, as well as miniskirts, flowing hair, and flailing bows, and with optional fog, dancers, singers, and stunning visual effects, to create an amazing show that crowds are going crazy for.

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Five Star ReviewEmerald Electric Strings was awesome! I heard nothing but rave reviews. Honestly, if we were up to me, I would have them perform every year.“ – Mary Jo Ungry, Chat Mobility, Omaha, NE

Five Star ReviewIt was awesome! Our conference group was taking videos and posting them to Snapchat. After the performance, people commented positively. Personally, I loved it!“ – Mary Jo Ungry, Chat Mobility, Omaha, NE

Five Star ReviewFantastic — really set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Thank you so much and I definitely will get in touch next time I have a party in Park City.“ – Abby Cherner, Bride, Park City, UT

Whether you like elegant classical music, riveting Michael Jackson hits, or high-energy, current pop dance tunes, you’ll get it all and then some from these studio-quality musicians. Four virtuosic string performers, and a DJ adding layers of percussion and various instruments to create a full, rich sound, is only half the equation. With stunning looks, short skirts, and dazzling on-stage performance skills, the delivery is just as captivating as the music itself.

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Five Star ReviewI gotta say, you really nailed it for us at our Alliance conference this past week at the Grand America! Emerald Electric Strings, Kevin Viner, and Party Crashers knocked our audience ALL THE WAY OUT!!! So many complements have been voiced by our attendees, the most memorable to me being, “How will you guys top this next year?!” They were so professional and … ENTERTAINING! I loved every minute of their performances. Thanks again, I look forward to working with you in the coming months.“ – Chris Rowe, Strategic Market Alliance, Salt Lake City, UT

Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off these fascinating performers. If you want a string quartet with a lot of punch, a thrilling and breathtaking group of musicians who are revolutionizing the music industry, Emerald Electric Strings is the crowd-pleasing entertainment you’re looking for.

The quartet’s performances have been wowing the corporate world for years, but they are also available for both private and public events. This versatile blend of gifted performers is the perfect addition to any type of event or celebration.

Emerald Electric Strings is an accomplished group of string musicians combined with a hip DJ that delivers music everyone loves. Plus, this popular five-some can incorporate other exciting options into their show, making it even more fascinating. Along with the obvious DJ services they can add a vocalist to the mix as well as a dance component. When you’re ready to bring in entertainment that will wow your guests, impressive yet out of the ordinary, Emerald Electric Strings will not disappoint.