Mermaids for Events

Video: Christel the Mermaid

Take A Look Talent’s Beautiful Mermaids – A Fantasy Come True

Our exotic, professional mermaids are ready to turn your pool party into a memorable experience. These unique entertainers add a wonderful touch of magic and fantasy to any aquatic event. Take a look at the delightful video featuring Christel the Mermaid and watch one of our stunning mermaids perform by the pool with her fire fans and then diving in to delight crowds with her exotic aquatic routine.

Mermaid Photo Slide Show

Mermaids are mythological aquatic creatures that have captivated our imaginations for over 1000 years. Their lower body is that of a fish, while their upper body is a lovely young maiden. Whether they’re lying on a rock and combing their hair or swimming in the deep blue sea, mermaids are wondrous creations. According to legend, mermaids live at the bottom of the sea, lure sailors by singing beautiful music, and can foretell the future. Take A Look Talent brings to life these fascinating deep sea creatures in a way that you never thought possible.

If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming among the mermaids, now is your chance. Add enchantment to your next pool event and bring in one or more mermaids to entertain your crowd as no other creatures can.