Country Line Dancers & Instructors

Five Star ReviewWe LOVE having the line dancers at Blue Sky! They did AWESOME! The entire 100+ people were on the dancefloor! They are amazing dancers and get the guests so energized and into the evening!“ – LeAnne Z Brandenburg, Blue Sky Ranch, Wanship, Utah

Country line dancing has become an extremely popular activity these days. It’s clear that country music fans of all ages, and even non-country music fans for that matter, love to line dance. Everyone wants to get out on the dance floor and strut their stuff, but unfortunately, some people are embarrassed because they don’t know the moves. So if you’re throwing a party and want everyone to get involved, invite Take A Look Talent’s exclusive professional country line dance instructors to teach your guests a country dance routine.

Take A Look Talent’s high-stepping, attractive dancers can provide an exhibition dance with twirling and stunts! But they can also teach country line dancing to your guests and keep the party interactive and fun. It only takes a short time to master a dance routine – and once it’s learned, even the typical wallflowers will be out there having a good time like everyone else. No one will be left out.

Depending on the type of event you’re planning, costumes can conservative country western or Las Vegas style. The country western costumes have no bare midriffs, exposed cleavage or short skirts for the women. Both male and female attire will consist of blue jeans, western shirts, hats, belts and boots. The Las Vegas style may include bare midriffs or more leg showing. For an incredibly-fun, interactive experience for your guests, invite our Country Line Dancers to your next event.