Gev Manoukian – Hip Hop & Break Dancing

Video: Gev Manoukian on So You Think You Can Dance

High Energy Break Dancing

Gev Manoukian is one of those amazing hip hop and break dancers you have to see to believe. Gev got his first big break when he became a top ten finalist on the TV hit show So You Think You Can Dance, performing his inventive and original dance routines. This appearance brought him national attention, leading to a role in High School Musical 2 and the MTV musical American Mall.

Gev Manoukian Exclusive Video

In 2010 he was a featured dancer at the American Music Awards where he performed with Pink to her megahit Raise Your Glass. When you want more than just a run-of-the-mill hip hop and break dancer, but someone that adds imagination and life into dance routines, Gev is your guy.

Five Star ReviewGev was great and everyone really enjoyed the performance!“ – Collete Henn, Sr. Manager, Marketing, Simple Science, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ

So You Think You Can Dance Finalist

Gev comes from a family of talented performers, including his father, a professional ice show acrobatic skater, and his mother, a former pairs figure skater. He was born in Kazakhstan, but moved to Utah when he was 16 years old. Gev is an awe-inspiring performer who never had any formal training, but makes up for his lack of training with hard work and natural talent.

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In a television interview with host Chris Harrison, Chris told Gev “I just saw some of the moves you were doing, and I didn’t think they were legal in 49 states.” Gev Manoukian loves performing on stage and gives it everything he’s got each time he takes the floor. When you want high-energy entertainment that will leave audiences gasping for air, Gev should be number one on your list.