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Party Crashers is a diverse group of vocalists and musicians with enormous musical talent, tremendous energy, and obvious chemistry. Primarily due to the golden vocals and remarkable showmanship of Jenny J, and the production genius of composer J Bateman, this extraordinary band has raised the bar on live performance.

Five Star ReviewAMAZING!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY DID FOR MY EVENT!!!!!!! Would book them time and time again!!!!!!! Thank you!!“ – Bridget Otten, American Rental Association, Anaheim, CA

Five Star ReviewOh my gosh! I told the booking agent I wanted the best band ever for my daughter’s wedding. They told me about Party Crashers, sent info, and we booked. So glad I did! I am in the hospitality business. We own several wedding venues. This was the best band we have ever been associated with and we have hosted literally hundreds of weddings….actually thousands. When the night finally came we were BLOWN away. We had a 500 person wedding and the dance floor was over filled onto the ballroom floor all night. Best band ever! You will not be disappointed with the Party Crashers!!!” – Shannon Gangl, Father of the Bride, Bismarck, ND

Five Star ReviewThey were absolutely amazing. I don’t even know where to start. On Friday night the band was UNbelievable!! On Saturday night, word had spread, and it was jam-packed – thousands of people. My clients were blown away. The owners said ‘we’re having them back next year, right?!?’ DUH!. They were just blown away. They had 10 times the amount of people at the event than they normally have!“ – Leah Johnson, Omaha Musicians Live, Event Planner, Omaha, NE

Five Star ReviewIt was the best freaking night of my life and booking the Party Crashers was the smartest decision I made (second to my husband Rob of course!). I wish you guys could all hear what our friends and family are saying about it. General consensus is it was the best wedding people have ever been to. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Please send my love and thanks to Jenny and crew.“ – Molly O’Neill, Bride, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

Party Crashers

Five Star ReviewThe band Crashers was simply amazing! Our guests LOVED the band and we were asked several times who they were and how to book them. Party Crashers stage presence, ability to engage the audience, interaction with audience, and the quality of their music was pitch perfect. I will be in touch when we want to book them again. Please pass along my thanks to the band and to Sally for encouraging us to book them.“ – Ed Pivik, United Airlines, Chicago, IL

Five Star ReviewI have been trying to find the right formula for this event for the past few years and we now have it! Had over 20 guests come up to me saying where did you find Jenny, Tom and the entire group were Amazing to work with. The high energy and non-stop entertainment they bring is unmatched. They made an impact on our event and we want to thank everyone for that.“ – Francene Thomas, 500 Festival (celebrating the spirit and legacy of the Indianapolis 500), Indianapolis, IN

Five Star ReviewParty Crashers crushed our wedding this weekend! Their energy was untouchable. We were quite impressed with the variety of songs they could hit and the mash up in which they did it. We couldn’t stop taking photos! It was like being at a concert… at a wedding. Guests were going crazy and barely left the dance floor.“ – Sonia Hopkins, Event Planner, Ojai, CA

Five Star ReviewThey were fantastic!!! We knew they would be amazing as we have seen them at a wedding in the past and decided to hire them after that. Our guests were delighted, thrilled, and still cannot stop raving about them or talking about how they were the best band they had ever seen. They truly made our night!! They kept the party going all night long, and people that had commented they are not normally dancers kept the dance floor packed the entire night. The energy was insane, song choices and talent incredible, and they made our wedding night truly complete. We had such fun hanging with them as well. Can’t wait to get our photos and video back. Please let me know if you ever need a recommendation or review from us if you ever have clients on the fence. We’d be happy to do whatever y’all need!! Do not hesitate for a moment when thinking about booking them!! Can’t thank them enough for a truly epic night!!“ – Melissa Rosen, Bride, Laguna Beach, CA

Five Star ReviewOutstanding! I had high expectations in advance based on what I had heard and read, but they were incredible. Our guests were overwhelmed and unanimously agreed that it was the most fun wedding that they’d ever attended and that the band was the best anyone had ever experienced. I have no doubt that last night’s gig will generate some new business for you (including likely yours truly whose two unmarried daughters will likely be encouraging a revisit)! They are not only true professionals but seem like genuinely decent people; we invited the band/crew to attend our brunch this morning and the few that were still in town took us up on it – seems like they very much enjoyed visiting Ottawa and our wedding crowd did not let them down. So, the proverbial win/win! Thanks for the follow up. While I suspect the need is not there, I am happy to speak with any prospective clients as a referral should the need ever arise.“ – Father of the Bride, Ottawa, Canada

Five Star ReviewThey were the best party band I have EVER seen. It was seriously the best party we have ever done and I am going back to my office to look at the calendar next week to see where else we can use them. They were incredible to work with and so lovely and kind. I can’t thank you enough, they were off the charts amazing. You will hear from me 100% about future opportunities for them. THANK YOU!“ – Rebecca Meikle, Meridican Incentive Consultants, Las Vegas, NV

Five Star ReviewParty Crashers were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Your talent and energy blew us all away! Our family and friends haven’t stopped talking about how much fun our wedding was and we can’t possibly thank you enough for making it that way. It was an honor for us to have you perform at our wedding – we’ll remember it for the rest of our lives. Thank you thank you thank you! Also, you did SUCH a great job with the hora – it was epic!“ – Andi and Jeremy Zaro, Bride and Groom, Deer Valley, UT

Five Star ReviewFrom the first song, they packed the dance floor. All of our guests were raving about the band. This band was everything we had hoped for and more!“ – Kristen Partee, Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

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Five Star ReviewAmazing!! We loved working with them + have heard non-stop guest comments about how amazing they were. We work with a ton of great bands but these guys really take it to the next level. Full of energy + amazing showmanship. Our client + their guests cannot stop talking about how awesome they were! Highly recommend them for any wedding or corporate event.“ – Becky Brock, Brock + Co. Events (Austin, Texas), Event in Park City, UT

Five Star ReviewHired Party Crashers for a large corporate event. Fantastic band…should be called Party Crushers!! Jenny and all were delightful and the event was flawless.“ – Steve Beyer, Steve Beyer Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV

Five Star ReviewThey absolutely nailed it in Lisbon and were fantastic!!!“ – Sydney Leopold, Sophos, Corporate Event, Lisbon, Portugal

Five Star ReviewOur group LOVED the Party Crashers and now we won’t be able to bring in any other band EVER!!“ – Cindi Brown, MA, CIS, Events Consultant, Scottsdale Insurance, Arizona

Five Star ReviewWe couldn’t have had a more fabulous evening, energized until the wee hours. I could not stop dancing and singing like no one was watching. Unfortunately there are plenty of photos to the contrary!” Thank you so much, I look forward to the next Party Crashers night.“ – Gabrielle Anwar, Actress, “Burn Notice,” Miami, FL

Five Star ReviewOMG!!!! THEY WERE AMAZING!!! Definitely the best and most fun event we’ve ever had!!” – Marcy Baxter, Executive Director, CASA of Harrison County, Marshall, TX

Five Star ReviewAs always Party Crashers were a huge hit. Their stage presence is so strong and Jenny’s voice is so incredible. All of the singers are amazing and such great performers. I couldn’t imagine having to pick another band for our event. They have set the bar extremely high. And they sure know how to keep the dance floor full! I would say this year was a chart topper with how late a lot of our attendees stayed to dance the night away. The band is truly amazing and always impress. In fact, we already have a contract with the resort for next year and I would love to run the date by you to see if they are available to book again. Like I mentioned before…I couldn’t imagine hiring anyone else!“ – Gina Liebeck, Scottsdale, AZ, For Those Without A Voice

Following one of their many successful studio-recording sessions, J and Jenny realized that they could create one of the most incredible Top 40 party bands in America by combining their considerable talents. They sent invitations to a select, hand-picked group of accomplished studio musicians with exceptional performance skills, and the final result became Party Crashers.

The dream of building a premier entertainment dynasty has become a reality. They are dominating stages and outperforming the competition all across the United States and around the world. They have performed for some of the country’s highest-profile destination celebrity weddings and corporate events.

This popular group is second to none. They have wowed crowds in Las Vegas, NV; Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, TX; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, and Napa Valley, CA; Miami and Clearwater Beach, FL; Park City, Cedar City, Salt Lake City, and Deer Valley, UT; Boise, Sun Valley, and Meridian, ID; Raleigh, NC; Telluride, Aspen, Vail, and Denver, CO; New Orleans, LA; Jackson Hole, WY; Portland, OR; Scottsdale, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Minneapolis, MN; North Carolina and many other cities and states all across the country.

They also boast clients from exotic locations such as Cancun, Mexico; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Bahamas; Puerto Rico; Dominican Republic; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and other exotic locales around the world. You can look all you want, but if you want to hire a band, it is all but impossible to find a better one. Whether your event is in the USA, Canada, Caribbean, London, Paris, Italy, Viet Nam, or some other faraway land, this is the band you want as your entertainment, no doubt about it.

Five Star ReviewThey were incredible. Everyone had an absolute blast and could not believe what great performers they were. We were sweating so much because we could not leave the dance floor. We especially loved the props they brought out–the light up helmets and shoes were a special and memorable touch. Party Crashers is by far the most talented band we (or anyone) has ever experienced at a wedding or special event! Please thank the band for us–they made our wedding unforgettable. Thank you!!“ – Laura Van Schaack, Bride, Teton Village, Wyoming

Five Star ReviewWe absolutely LOVED Party Crashers!! They were a huge hit and everyone keeps raving about them!! Most amazing night of our lives, and we didn’t leave the dance floor!!!” – Alex Yudelevich, Bride, Houston, TX

Five Star ReviewThe band was great! They had such enormous energy and it totally rubbed off on the crowd. I didn’t know if the clients and their friends were going to be able to keep up with them and party until midnight, but their energy was seriously contagious. I know at some point the client had planned on bringing in dancers, but it’s good that they didn’t — the singers were dancing on and off stage and the dancers would have been totally in the way! Thanks for everything.“ – Shana Vanderweele Ortman, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

Five Star ReviewFirst of all, I want to say WOW!! The guests that attended that night CAN’T stop talking about you guys and how talented you were at our Mardi Gras Fund-raiser on February, 23rd. You truly made our event a success and I can’t thank you enough for your experience and talents!!! We raised over $222,000 that night and it will make a huge difference for our hospital. Also, you were truly wonderful to work with as well. You understand that we were there to raise money and freely gave me the microphone when we needed it!! I just can’t say enough great things about you guys!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and we might be contacting you guys to come back next year, if you are interested of course!!“ – Ashley M. Hayes, Executive Director, Onslow Memorial Hospital Foundation, NC

Five Star ReviewParty Crashers made quite the impression on KENTUCKY! Wow, all I have heard is how amazing you were. I’m determined to come party with you guys somewhere or oh how I’d love to have you again soon! Thank you so much for making my wedding “the best I’ve ever been to” said by so many people. They loved you! I really hope to see you again!“ – Alexandra Koetter, Lexington, KY

Five Star ReviewI just want to thank you and the rest of the band for putting on an AWESOME show at our wedding in Minneapolis this past Saturday. I know from experience that a band can make the wedding, and you guys could not have been more perfect for our crowd. I’ve never been to a wedding where so many people danced together for so long. I cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments we received that night and after about your band. It was everything I hoped for and more. I only wish it had gone on longer. I will recommend you guys to anyone who asks. You guys are the best and I hope we get to hear/see you again at some point down the road. Thank you so very much!“ – David Cangemi, Minneapolis, MN

You won’t find another singer like Jenny J either. Her amazing vocals have been featured in hundreds of radio and TV ads, albums, CDs, and soundtracks for NBC, CBS, Disney, Sci-Fi channel, Discovery Channel, “Joe Millionaire,” “Today Show,” and the “Ricki Lake Show.” She recorded background vocals for the popular Donny and Marie Show in Las Vegas, the Osmond’s world tour, and sings on dance tracks for “Jackie Warner’s Workout Mix,” “Carmen Electra’s Ultimate Workout Mix,” Gillian McKeith’s “Boot-Camp Workout,” “The Biggest Loser” workout CDs from NBC, “Losing it with Jillian Michaels,” and many others. She has sung with the Utah Symphony and recorded live with the famed Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. And to top it off, Jenny has her own CDs available on iTunes. She is an unbelievable talent that you won’t find in any other band.

J Bateman has produced several international best-selling fitness albums, and has composed and produced music for ESPN, NASCAR, HealthRider, NordicTrack and Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo. In addition to his work in the United States, J has lived and worked in the film industry in Japan, and he produced the debut album of the popular Brazilian band, Heróis Do Dia.

He has been on several major international tours as both a sound engineer and a guitar player, including tours of Europe and the former Soviet Union. J also works as a composer for film and T.V. and his original music can be heard in video games, radio advertisements, and feature films. He recently won a “Telly” for his original score in the short film, Nobody’s Listening. He also recently composed the score for the feature film Saints and Soldiers, which won 14 best picture awards at film festivals nationwide.

J was the music supervisor and composer for the ABC Family Movie of the Month, Everything You Want. In addition to his studio work, J helped to produce the critically acclaimed regional touring production of Evita. He was the music producer, conducted the orchestra, and played guitar in the pit. Recently, J composed the score for the action/adventure film, Outlaw Trail, a sports drama, Forever Strong, starring Sean Astin, and the horror film, House of Fears.

In addition to Jenny and J there’s Danny Savage, a film and theatrical star, studio vocalist, and popular front man for numerous bands; Mackenzie Gray, whose singing and dancing skills ratcheted him into the final rounds of Simon Cowell’s X-Factor; Bobby James, a second generation drummer and Berklee-trained percussionist; and Will Forshee, a computer specialist who creates the cool techno sounds on his keyboard that gives authenticity to the band’s covers of today’s latest tunes. And rounding out this dynamic team is bass player Dave Felice, who has worked/toured with Bono, The Edge (American Idol Season 10 Finale), Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (Run DMC), David Archuleta, The Rembrandts, Kris Allen (Jive Records), Richie Kotzen, Sophie B. Hawkins, Bret Michaels, Jordan Knight (NKOTB), The Motels, Jennifer Paige, Otis Redding Jr., and Cassadee Pope (Winner of the Voice). Dave’s film and TV credits include E!, A&E, Bravo, Discovery, MTV, Cinemax, and VH1.

The bands’ players are so exceptional, and so versatile, they can perform music from multiple genres, including pop, rock, country, contemporary, acoustic, jazz, reggae, Latin, Broadway, holiday, and opera favorites.

When you want to hire the nation’s premier dance band or wedding band for your special event, and you’ll only accept the very best, you only have one choice. This hot Top 40 band has a well-deserved reputation for exceeding the highest level of expectation when it comes to live performance entertainment for any type of event. Whether you’re planning an elegant dinner concert, interactive dance party, a full-production concert experience, New Years Eve party, celebrity wedding reception, or even a Presidential Ball, their live performance skills will turn your event into something magical and memorable. For the best event ever, all it takes is putting the Party Crashers Band on the approved guest list.