Jake & Rebekah: Bluegrass Guitar & Violin Duet

Live Video: Violin and Guitar Duo

Jake and Rebekah are two award-winning musicians that can either bring their full bluegrass band to your event, or perform as a bluegrass guitar and violin duet. Either way, if you like bluegrass you’ll love these two talented performers. Jake has won many prestigious music contests on guitar, banjo and mandolin, including the 2010 Texas Flatpicking Championship and the Texas Banjo Championship, while Rebekah has won Utah’s State Fiddle Championship three times. When you put these two together, you get some of the best bluegrass music this side of anywhere.

Jake and Rebekah: Guitar and Violin Duet (Live Video)

As a violin and guitar duet, these talented musicians bring a fresh bluegrass sound to corporate and private events, music festivals, weddings, and special events by combining traditional bluegrass music with a touch of rock and pop influences. With Rebekah on fiddle and Jake playing guitar, banjo, or mandolin, the music they create is impressive to say the least. And when the occasion calls for it, they’ll even add some impressive vocal harmonies as well.

Jake and Rebekah are tremendous musicians that form one of the best bluegrass guitar and violin duets you’ll ever lay your eyes on, while also throwing in some award-winning banjo and mandolin, but they’re also the core of a top bluegrass band that’s absolutely out of this world!

You won’t find a bluegrass band anywhere that provides a better bluegrass sound – with catchy harmonies, lightning fast pickin’, and popular bluegrass hits. Whether you’re looking for a great guitar and violin duo, a full bluegrass band, or anything in between, they will fill your party with the best bluegrass music you’ve ever lent an ear to.