World Champion Cowboy Entertainment

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World Champion Gun Spinner

For the ultimate cowboy theme party entertainment bring in Cowboy Dan, our World Champion All-Around Wild West Performer.

He’s a World Champion Gun Spinner, Whip Performer, and Knife Performer, two-time inductee into the International Knife Thrower’s Hall of Fame, and winner of the Joe Bowman Gun Handling Showmanship Award.

Take A Look Talent’s incredible cowboy gunslinger has been thrilling audiences for two decades with his spectacular Wild West show. Cowboy Dan is always a crowd favorite. He made it to the quarterfinals on the hit TV show America’s Got Talent, stunning audiences and judges alike with his amazing cowboy skills. If you’re putting together a western cowboy theme party, and you want to make it an occasion to remember, invite our talented cowboy to the party.

Five Star ReviewWe loved having Cowboy Dan and his show here in Duchesne. The show is great and they are very nice people. Everyone loved how he interacted with the audience during the show. He had the little boys fascinated with learning to twirl a lasso! They are definitely professionals and know how to put on a good show. We want him to come back again. Everyone who saw the show loved it!“ – Jeanne Dumas, City of Duchesne, UT

Great Entertainment for a Cowboy or Western Event

Dan’s show is totally self-contained and safe. He never uses live ammunition. As the most versatile and entertaining cowboy performer in the West (or East), he thrills audiences with amazing gun tricks, rope twirling, fast draw, trick shooting, death-defying knife throwing, and award-winning bullwhip cracking.

And if that wasn’t enough, Dan brings along his amazing and talented horses to perform some of the funniest horse tricks ever imagined. When it comes to trained horses, lasso exhibitions, whip cracking, real knife throwing, cowboy singing, trick shooting, and exciting audience participation, there is no better western or cowboy entertainment on the planet.

Five Star ReviewThe reports we are getting back on your show are so good they are hard to believe…You are the best act we have!“ – Jack West, President, National School Assemblies

Five Star ReviewI have been here for 35 years and that was the best show I have ever seen!“ – Susan Portello, 3rd Grade Teacher, “The Teacher Who Doesn’t Like Anything,” Valley View Elementary, Richmond, CA

Five Star ReviewThat is the best assembly we have ever had. Bar none!“ – Larry Stephens, Principal, Leo B. Hart School, Bakersfield, CA

Five Star ReviewThe performers were excellent.“ – Dan Hagus, Private Party, Anderson, CA

Western Entertainment Photo Slide Show

Audience interaction is half the fun. Allowing guests to turn the crank on an authentic rope making machine, having Dan tie a Honda knot on the end of the rope, and then taking home a lariat souvenir is always a favorite crowd activity. If you’re looking for entertainment that’ll make your cowboys theme party more thrilling than anything you can imagine, you’ve found it partner.

This is an extraordinary show for indoor or outdoor events, stage shows, rodeo arenas, state fairs, county fairs, festivals, school assemblies, private events, and corporate events. For larger, outdoor shows Dan brings his beautiful show tent. Measuring 75 feet by 85 feet, with 6 peaks reaching up to 30 feet in the air, the tent protects the show and up to 650 spectators from rain or sun.

Dan’s full show has received raves from amazed crowds from Washington to Florida. He performs up to 3 shows per day for fairs, each running about 40 minutes in length. Full stage shows can run two hours and include lots of fun audience participation. If you’re searching for some exciting western party ideas, and you want to kick off a high-profile western themed event, this Wild West entertainment is a real crowd pleaser.

A typical show for a western theme party includes double six-gun spinning, bull whip cracking, trick roping, the Wheel of Death knife throwing exhibition, quick draw and shooting demonstration, guitar playing and singing, and horse tricks that are unusual, humorous, and mind-blowing. Plus, Dan will even instruct a few adults or kids on the finer art of bull whipping or rope spinning. And if that wasn’t enough, he’ll even bring along his motorized, mechanical bull for guests that want to try their hand at lassoing a moving bull.

If you’re looking for a mesmerizing school assembly show, this is cowboy entertainment at its best. Along with the usual cowboy roping, bullwhipping, live cowboy music, gun spinning, and horse tricks, Dan teaches kids why they are special, how to find their special purpose, why it’s important to try again after making a mistake, and delivers a powerful “don’t try illegal drugs” message.

This is great western entertainment for both adults and children. If you’re putting together a Western theme party or a cowboy theme party, bring in our sensational cowboy roper and cowboy gunslinger for some rip-roaring fun. This is how the West should have been won.