Daryl Stevenett: Guitarist, Vocalist

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The sounds that come out of Daryl Stevenett’s guitar are simply incredible. His creative arrangements are irresistible, stylish, and addictive. Audiences routinely become totally engrossed in his music, enamored with his masterful picking, and captivated by his gritty, seductive vocals. Daryl is an intriguing musician who adds elegance and interest to events in a way that only he can.

Popular Utah Guitarist & Singer

Incredible Utah Guitarist

Stevenett is a master of many guitar styles, from classical to pop to blues, playing tunes made popular by a wide variety of artists such as Jim Croce, the Doors, Jose Feliciano, James Taylor, Chet Atkins, and Gordon Lightfoot, with some impressive originals thrown in as well.

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Daryl Stevenett is a brilliant guitarist who plays with an overwhelming passion, producing tones that are bright on the surface and yet emotionally deep below. His masterful technique is beyond perfection and every individual note played with style and meaning. The music Daryl produces can only be attempted by the highest caliber artists. His guitar rings with tones that are bright, yet dramatic, intense, and yet soothing and romantic.

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Very few guitarists have the ability to perform with such elegance of expression, as it demands a high degree of proficiency in technique combined with exceptional phrasing, fine tone, a sense of rhythmic subtlety and flow, and the power to reach an audience’s soul. Daryl Stevenett not only achieves these and more, but adds sensitive and entrancing vocals that make him a rare commodity indeed.