Cross Strung Live Bluegrass Videos

Live Bluegrass Performance Video

Family Bluegrass Band

This wonderful bluegrass ensemble features not one, but two Utah state champion fiddlers. Cross Strung is a family bluegrass band playing high quality music that the whole family will enjoy. With fast fiddling, creative arrangements to classic bluegrass music, jokes, humor, and a few surprises thrown in, their show is something you don’t want to miss.

Cross Strung Performing Live

This is a fun family band that plays a dazzling set of mostly instrumentals with fine vocals thrown into the mix. As they zip their way through a few up tempo tunes you’ll swear you see smoke coming off their strings because of the fiddling speed.

As far as Utah bluegrass bands go, this one will give you a spectacular show each and every time. Audiences across the USA have been wowed by this fabulous group. If you’re into quality bluegrass and good times, this is the band for you.